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Commercial Offices


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MATERA +39 0835 309068

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Self-Service Laundries

When we think about a self-service store, the first thing that comes to our mind is that we do not need any personnel. In addition to that, there are many other reasons why far-sighted people with entrepreneurial attitude choose to start up a self-service laundry:

- They want to invest in new fields;
- They want to diversify their investments;
- They expect higher earnings than the ones ensured by current bank yields;
- They do not want to bear storage costs;
- They want to work more independently;
- They want a job that takes quality of life into account.

That is why a self-service laundry is the ideal solution for a new, safe and alternative source of income.


it's fast

A washing and a drying cycle last, on average, 30 minutes each; this laps of time can be shortened watching TV, studying, reading a newspaper or simply having a chat with the neighbours.


it's flexible

It is important to have flexible working-hours, from 7.30 am to 10/11.30 pm, so that people can easily use the laundry services nearly in every moment of the day, especially in the most difficult ones.


it's clean

Italians usually do not share a washing machine with other people, on the one hand because they take a lot of care of hygiene, on the other hand because they have some false commonplaces about it; anyway, a Bluwash self-service laundry solves the problem of hygiene because it provides a self-cleaning system for the washing drum during every washing cycle, using disinfectant products…all that certainly reassures everyone, from families to young people.


Simple systems, versatile and evolved

A Bluwash laundry uses a central payment system made up of an electronic counter that accepts banknotes and coins, gives the change and also provides prepaid cards that can be recharged once you finish your credit. This system is far ahead of the old token-system and it does not need additional change machines.


it's courteous

The customer-care service, that you can easily reach by calling a phone number, assures instant assistance in case of mishaps and also gives suggestions on how to wash, dry or use the machines.


it's protected

The self-service laundry room is monitored 24/7 by closed-circuit cameras and, if necessary, by guards.


it's simple and socializing

Information and instructions are provided in several foreign languages and displayed in colorful and original sketches; moreover, the initial embarrassment can be overcome simply asking someone for some help…all this can make a self-service laundry a new socializing place, where people can meet and mix business with pleasure!


Environmentally friendly

Each cleanser and disinfectant is in line with the most strict rules to prevent pollution and protect the environment.